It has been about a month since I got my iPad. I reviewed it first when I purchased it, but I think a second review is needed after using it a great deal for the past 30 days. So here’s my quick assessment.
For the most part, it has worked out well:
– keyboard works great for me when it is landscaped. Almost like a full size keyboard and my fingers are now flying over it.
– screen is great for watching videos. I’ve enjoyed viewing movies and TV shows on it using iTunes and YouTube. Now back in the US, I’m really looking forward to viewing programs on NetFlix again.
– new name should be i(t keeps a Mommy sane)Pad. Yup. My three-year old used it more than I did. He is addicted to it and has found YouTube most interesting. Hence, I’m typing this post on my iPhone.
There were some challenges:
– applications can be tricky. I found many of my favorite apps, while they worked on the iPad, weren’t optimized for it by not landscaping and remaining the size of an iPhone screen.
– Twitter/Facebook apps weren’t satisfactory for me. I’m using both Tweetdeck and Twitterrific to access Twitter, which each have functions I like but not enough to become my go-to mobile app. I really like Tweetdeck desktop and wished the iPad app mirrored it. For Facebook, I’m using Safari and log directly into the Facebook website.
– Picasa Album uploading can’t be done (or at least I haven’t been able to do it) as well as then posting it to Blogger. I was lucky I had access to a desktop allowing me to upload photo slideshows to this blog.
With all the above said, I’m glad the iPad was with me on this extended trip. It allowed me to stay connected and productive while away from home. Also, it kept my son entertained in some stressful situations while he learned a long the way.
And by the way, now that my son is an iPad power user, he’s available for iPad lessons…
Want to see my first reaction to my iPad:
I am now a new owner of an iPad or does it own me?
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