I know where my oasis is: my backyard nook. It is a postage stamp size piece of green in the middle of an urban environment. The oasis, as I call it, brings calm over everyone who opens the gate and walks through. It is a perfect place to gain inner-peace. I love it any time of day: morning when the sun is just coming up and there is a coolness in the air to night-time gazing up at the stars while water flows down the rocks into the pond.
This afternoon I had some moments to savor the oasis alone. It is always a calming experience allowing me to focus and recharge my soul. Even just 5 minutes does the trick. It is the whole experience from the sounds of the water and wind in the trees to the smell of flowering bushes and freshly cut grass that makes the difference.

I’m not a greedy person and I want to share my oasis with you and I hope you can share in the positive feelings I get when I’m in my oasis.

Where is your oasis?

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