Caffeine + Competitiveness = A Badge. Yes, it does. Especially if it comes to Starbucks combined with Foursquare. Yesterday Starbucks announced that frequent visitors who check in at retail locations using Foursquare could earn customer rewards. Although there’s no free coffee or other goodies yet, customers can unlock the “Barista badge” after five check-ins.
Now, I don’t know about you, but that sounds like a challenge to me! I WANT the “Barista badge”. And if you are a Girl Scout or Boy Scout, you totally understand this strong desire to earn a badge!
OK, it started on 11 March so I already have one check-in and need four more. A crazy idea popped into my head this morning that I was going to earn this badge today. And it is a crazy idea… almost like shopping on Black Friday or challenging someone to eat a whole piece of Cheesecake Factory cheesecake including the whipped cream in 15 minutes.
Can I do this today? Maybe. And I may regret it. Or my family members may.
OK, I here is my mental plan:
– Money on my Starbucks Reward Card? Check.
– Find four Starbucks nearby preferable with a drive-thru. Route is planned… two out of four that come to mind have them.
Some of you may think I’m nuts and I suggest you start thinking about the Ann Marie Starbucks/Foursquare Recovery Fund. I think I may need it later…

But now I think I’m ready for the challenge…

March 12
3:38 pm – On the road to first stop.

3:54 pm – Check into first Starbucks

4:06 pm – Check into second Starbucks

4:17 pm – Check into third Starbucks

4:34 pm – Check into final Starbucks.

As you can see we made good time zooming around Lexington to various Starbucks. Sadly none of the Starbucks staff knew anything about Foursquare Barista Badge and most likely thought I’m absolutely mad.

5:35 pm I have yet to receive an acknowledgment saying I’ve earn the Barista Badge. Did my March 11 check-in not count? Has the system not been updated to reflect this new badge? Any ideas?

I don’t know the answer, but I am a little annoyed. OK, I’m more than annoyed.


March 15 – I dropped the car off to the garage downtown for an oil change and we walked to a Starbucks on Main & Broadway.  It happened! I earned the Barista Badge. I think I earned a free drink for myself for having a Reward Card and one for the Mayor, Magnus L.

Wonder what the next badge to earn will be for me to earn?

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