Monday was a good day for me. It really was. It started months ago when my local Public Relations Society of America Chapter was asked to write a monthly column in the local newspaper’s business section for 2010. This was a great opportunity for us as public relations professionals to share and educate about what we do and how we do it. Well, I volunteered to write a column. After writers block and many revisions with the super editor, Scott Sloan, the column was finished.

On Monday, January 25, 2010, I received my first byline.  It was a shock to see my column with my mugshot on the front page of the business section. And it means a lot to me as goofy it sounds. I’ve done a lot of writing as a PR pro the last decade, but I’ve never had a byline. Not my writing nor photos. Sure my name has been in print being quoted or identified as so and so of so and so. It isn’t the same. I can say it is a very nice feeling… the feeling that gave me happy butterflies in my stomach.

And people do read the paper because later that day I was at McDonald’s and a man recognized me from the column. Blush.

I’m not good at tooting my own horn, but here is the column from the Lexington Herald-Leader ( Raising money via social media takes a plan

I think I’m hooked and I’m ready for more. And next month’s column is on….
breach crisis communications

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