I like information. I like news. I admit it. I could consume it all day long if I allowed myself to. As a child, I preferred watching CNN to cartoons. OK, I will admit I switched back and forth between CNN and MTV… when MTV actually played music videos and was the coolest channel on the planet. I preferred reading Newsweek to Tiger Beat. To be honest, I can’t even say I’ve ever seen Tiger Beat. As an adult you could say I was a news glutton. Since my son was born, my news diet has been slim. I spend a lot of time on Twitter and that’s where I get exposed to a lot of news. The New York Times and NPR apps round it out on my iPhone as well as a well-stocked Google Reader. I’ve been having some news indigestion recently mainly thanks to Twitter. There’s too much gulping not enough chewing. Those 140 characters often go nowhere and do nothing for me. It leaves me unsatisfied… like when you have that second donut when one was really enough. I want a fully developed news story based on solid, confirmed facts. What’s provided currently isn’t breaking news, but breaking wind… just a lot of hot air.

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