That time of year is upon us where confusion as to what to say starts after Thanksgiving. The time between Thanksgiving and New Years can be rather awkward in terms of greetings. That got me thinking. Are we diluting the holidays by saying “Happy Holidays” to everyone? And what if your religion doesn’t have a holiday during this time? Are you being left out? I’m very lucky to have friends from around the world with a diversity of belief systems. (And by the way, they are some of the smartest and neatest people on the planet, but I could be a little bias.) I put a request out to them via Facebook. My Muslim, Buddhist, and Hindu friends have no issue with saying “Merry Christmas.” Christian friends wouldn’t be offended if someone wished them “Happy Solstice.” The feeling was that we are making too big a deal of this giving the opportunity to create more of a divide. I think in our cultures’ desire to be “politically correct” we aren’t really being respectful of others beliefs. We should be embracing and celebrating the uniqueness of each holiday not making it generic where the meanings are lost.

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