I have to admit I’ve never watched Wine Library TV or went to his website mainly because I don’t drink wine, beer, or spirits. I do follow Gary Vaynerchuk (@garyvee) on Twitter. While reading, Crush It!, I felt like Gary was bouncing around the room just talking to me. I like that. It is not your typical business book where I struggle to stay awake while reading it in bed… and let’s be honest that’s where most of the reading happens. Reading this book was a very easy and enjoyable read.
This book conveys what lots of passion, keen planning, and just plain old common sense can do. Some take-aways for me:
•    I appreciate that Gary talks about hard work and how you have to work harder when it is your business. Something folks don’t really want to think about it.
•    Gary doesn’t bill himself as a social media expert, but in my mind he is. His use of social media is an outstanding example of the power of social media in business.
•    Gary points out to follow your passion over the money. You will build your success and it will last. So very true. Most people follow the dollars. I wouldn’t know anything about following the money since I’ve followed my passion to use my voice for good by working in the nonprofit sector.
•    Be patient. Be an expert in your passion. To do things right and well, it takes time and knowledge. Basically, using a cleaned up Irish phase, don’t do things half-ways.
Storytelling in business is lost today, but Gary weaves a great story with valuable information. Read this book if you need a quick primer on social media, thinking about starting a business, or just need to be motivated. It will help with all three.

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