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Content writing is storytelling. Classic storytelling structure involves an inciting event, rising action punctuated by complication, the climax, falling action punctuated by resolution and then a denouement. These can vary by story type and author, but these are the classic elements of the story that our brains are wired to pick up.

You need your content to show the best of your business. Every business needs professionally written content. You need content for your website, blog, social media accounts, and the media. You have a story to tell your customers. We create engaging content for your business.

Let us tell your story through thoughtful content creation.For brands, the story begins with some form of conflict, problem or need for resolution. There needs to be a desired end, goal, or “object of desire.” Make your customers the hero of the story. Provide them with value. Give them information. Solve their challenges.

With the creation of effective storytelling through words, pictures, and/or videos, we can capture your voice and story sharing it with your customers. Through effective content marketing, your business can cut through the noise and be memorable to your customers.

We are storytellers and can create:

  • Blog posts – keep your blog fresh and active
  • Intelligence reports – written on a specific item to disseminated information
  • Press releases – puts your business in the spotlight in front of the mainstream and industry press
  • Product descriptions – create catching description for your products selling them
  • Newsletters – produce newsletters to keep your customers informed and involved
  • Social media posts – writing then posting attention-grabbing posts for your social media accounts.
  • Website content – customized content for your homepage, about us page, etc.

The first step is talking. Schedule some time for us to talk.

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