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Crisis Preparedness and Response

Crisis preparedness and response readiness are essential in today’s risk environment. With 25 years of experience in IT, operations, and public relations, Ann Marie understands how businesses work and how to turn challenges into opportunities while building and motivating teams. Her mission is to make it harder for cybercriminals to gain access to an organization’s data and IP by providing holistic solutions to cyber risk management, cybersecurity, intelligence, and communications. She speaks CEO and Geek with some Government, too. 


Three-Part Process


A good program should establish clear communications and situational awareness about your organization and industry.




We deploy a three-part process starting with the discovery process, we take a deep dive to:

  • Evaluate relevant threats to your organization
  • Assess internal and external vulnerabilities
  • Estimate the impact of the exploitation of those vulnerabilities
  • Determine the likelihood of exploitation
  • Develop a blueprint for action

Based on the outcome of the evaluation, working with you and your team, we develop a nimble response plan addressing the outcomes and giving you a roadmap forward to manage your concern areas. View our Capabilities Statement.


Let’s talk about how we can work together to bridge gaps in… 

Crisis Management

Creating bespoken solutions to your crisis management needs including evaluating existing plans, developing plans, and training staff.

Public Relations

Blending traditional public relations with content creation, content marketing and social media strategy transforming static news into conversations bringing you directly to who you want to reach.

Cybersecurity Strategy

Developing pragmatic strategies to proactively guard against cybercrime and sensitive data threats at a pace and scale that fits your organization.

Online Reputation

Providing real-time intelligence about what people are saying about your brand allowing you to be more proactive in managing reputation threats through a reputation management program.


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