Why I'm a crazy cat lady
I have become a crazy cat lady. In fact, my family has become a crazy cat family. I’ll be honest we were dog people. I grew up with dogs. Owning a cat had never entered my mind. Until Oppie entered our lives. We adopted Oppie in January. Or shall I say he adopted us.
My son had been dying for a pet (and a baby brother, but that’s not going to happen ever), so when a friend who volunteers with the local cat rescue said she needed help socializing kittens, I brought him over to her house to play with the kittens. There was a handful of kittens in need of a little playmate. He fit the bill. And he excelled at it. The kittens were drawn to him and they played nonstop. My son was given the title as the “Kitty Whisper.” He just gets cats and they get him.
My friend was taking care of these two tiny newborn kittens along with the bigger ones. We met Oppie when he was only one week old. He had been found abandoned in a pile of leaves beside a street along with his sister. While his sister passed within 24 hours of being saved, Oppie thrived and he took to my son as his human.
I could go on and on about how special Oppie is and what funny stuff he does on a daily basis like a crazy cat lady. He truly is a special cat. He has such love for us especially my son. They have an amazing connection. They play together for hours. Oppie loves to play with Legos and cars. Chasing a ball with my son is another favorite activity. Reading challenges my son, but Oppie will sit with him listening to him read. Oppie shares my son’s distain for homework and attacks his pencil as my son does his homework. They will watch videos on the iPad together. Oppie tries to “rescue” my son from his showers.
Oppie purrs nonstop. He is the opposite of The Grumpy Cat.  His happiness and joy for life makes us happy. It is wonderful how much of a positive impact a little five-pound bundle of fur can have on you.
I think there is something to be said about owning a pet and stress relief. I cannot stay or become stressed nor upset when Oppie is near me and I am petting him.
So yes, I can proudly say, “I am a crazy cat lady.”
But before I go… a PSA. There are tens of millions of stray and feral cats in the US according to the ASPCA. Those numbers include kittens. Oppie is a rescue kitten from a feral cat mother. Before you adopt a cat or kitten, please consider a rescue or shelter feline. There are many rescue groups, often very grassroots, working to place cats and kittens as well as dealing with feral cat populations through Trap-Neuter-Release programs for the adult cats. These groups are doing good work and are often doing with all volunteers and very little financial support. Please consider supporting local TNR groups in your community with cash donations, kitty litter, cat food, and your time.

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