The Nightstand
The nightstand. Most of us have one next to our beds. The nightstand usually has a clock, light, wedding bands, and some other odds and ends.
Here’s a loaded question: how many electronic devices do you have on your nightstand?
Up until recently, I had three. I had my laptop, iPad, and iPhone. Once I got my official office situated, my laptop found a new home there in the past month. It has a nice little charging slot on shelves where it resides when I’m not using it.
Like my iPhone, my laptop came everywhere with me including bed. I would work in bed because it just seemed like a sensible thing to do in my old house. In the winter time, I could keep warm under the covers as I worked away and during the summer months, it was the coolest room in the house.
Since, creating a designated office in the new house, I decided not to keep my laptop in the bedroom until I wanted to watch a movie while in bed. (We only have one TV in the house and that is in the living room.) When I’m done watching something, the laptop goes back into the office. I have to say it was the best idea ever to do that. The bedroom vibe has changed. It is now a place of rest and sleep not of work.
I can really appreciate having my office. When I am done working for the day, I leave my office now. I literally shut the door for the night. I have come to the conclusion that it is wise to separate those two worlds. I feel less stressed and sleep better. I am also more productive during the day working in my office during daylight hours saving late afternoons and evenings for family and other interests.
Now back to the nightstand. In the move, I made a choice to declutter my nightstand. And frankly with Oppie, the kitten, joining our family, the more stuff on there the more likely he will knock it off. During the middle of the night scaring the living daylights of everyone in the bedroom. I have made it only for the needed items to unwind before I sleep. I keep my iPhone, iPad, a book, and magazine there along with a drink and lip balm. Nothing more. Amazing how easier things are when there is not clutter.
So what do you have on your nightstand? And have you moved electronic devices from your nightstand? I’d love to know.

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