Handwriting on Paper AppThose of you who know me, know that I love technology while at the same time always have my pad and pencil handy to jot down notes. I’m old school like that. Again, for those of you know me, you also know I have the worst handwriting ever. I’m not joking. Doctors have better handwriting than I have. Really. Always have. In fact, I think the typewriter, computer, and PDA were created for people with cryptic handwriting like me.
Confession time. With the widespread use of computers and smart phones, it hasn’t helped my handwriting one bit. I rarely write now. And what happens when you don’t do something regularly, you lose that ability to do it well. (Like I ever could to begin with) I’m there in regards to my handwriting. My seven-year old son, who is also left-handed and has questionable printing skills, may in fact have better handwriting.
And here’s the confession, I often at this point cannot read my handwriting. This poses a problem when taking notes. Or more importantly after I’m done note taking and I need to read them. I’ve tried taking notes using a keyboard. My hands and brain don’t work together fast enough to allow my ideas to flow especially if I’m brainstorming and when I’m listening to a client well I’m focused on them not my handwriting.
How I do solve this problem I have other than go back to first-grade? I just replaced my first gen iPad with an iPad Mini. I’ve downloaded a couple note taking apps such as Paper and trying them out. I need to find a good stylus to write with. And a way to transcribe my handwriting into a digital copy.
Can anyone suggest some reasonably priced stylus?
And an app that can transcribe for handwriting into type?
Any help is appreciated. Please share your recommendations in the comments. I’m looking to break free from my pencil and paper to go 100% digital. I say that while cringing… because I really do love my pencil and paper.

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