Kill Bill CoverComing off a week of holiday, Mondays can be tough. Especially when you have to jump right back into the thick of things. I’m experiencing that right now.
So how do I motivate myself to get moving? Music. That’s what. Music is my go-to to motivate me forward, to help me relax, or to express my emotions where words fail me. In fact, I often remember life events thanks to the music playing at the time. Funny thing is I love music, but I can’t play music to save my life. OK, I can African drum and participate in drumming circles, so I guess I do play an instrument after all.
Back to the task at hand. Motivation. When I need to motivate myself, I turn on what I call the “Kill Bill” theme music. It is actually “Battle Without Honor or Humanity.” Something about it just makes me determined and gives me a “grrr.” So when that song is playing then you better watch out!
And you don’t know the song, here is:
What music to you listen to to get you going?

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