Spring time is for renewal

Pollen is gathering on my keyboard as I write while sitting on my front porch. It got me thinking about renewal and the cycle of life. We always focus on December 31/January 1 to take stock. And that’s a good time look back then set some goals for the new year.

How many of us review our goals after we’ve met them? And I just don’t mean professional ones, personal too. We get caught up in doing the work. We get so focused the day-to-day operations of keeping a business going, we often never stop to thinking about those goals we made on January 1.

As nature is renewing itself, let’s take some time to see how we are doing both professional and personally. Ask yourself:

– Are you meeting your goals?

– If not, what is the reason?

– Are you where you want to be right now?

– What have been your strengths during the first quarter of this year? Weakness?

– What sort of opportunities have you encountered? Threats?

Do this check-up and see where you are at currently. It will help refocus and stay on track to reaching goals you have set for yourself and your business. Remember that it is OK to modify your goals and plans as the environment changes. As I like to say that a plan is also a verb. And plans should and can change.

Also, stop and enjoy spring. Take some time off to rest away from your daily routine. That will help you refocus yourself.

Speaking of renewal… I’m taking this week off for some holiday time. No other posts this week.

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