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I don’t know if reflection is the correct word to describe this post, but let’s just run with it. While 2013 was a great year, it also was a trying year. I’ll spare you the details, but it had many tough moments. More than normal. Over the holidays, I decided I needed to slow-down and revaluate what I was doing. That sounds more dramatic than it was. I’ll be honest I was spent. My battery was empty and about to discharge. I had become dissatisfied with everything.
With the support of my family, I decided take the month of January to just chill-out, reconnect with some passions, spend time with people in real life, and not worry about being Ann Marie van den Hurk, APR. I’ve spent some time daily reflecting on who I am and how I want to move forward. I’ve a huge board with paper where I’ve been writing and drawing ideas with brightly colored markers helping me visualize the future as I see it.
During this break, I’ve become alive again. Passion has been re-ignited. I’m doing things I enjoy doing again like writing, reading, and cooking. I reevaluated my relationship with social media and have stepped back from it. (And that’s another post on to itself.) I’ve started focusing on my physical well-being by working with a trainer and running again. I’ve stopped, for the most part, worrying about everything especially things I have no control over, which has released a lot of stress allowing me to focus forward. It is all fitting together. And it feels good.
Take time to reflect and recharge. Take time to rediscover who you are as person not just as a professional. I was lucky I could take a month off and I realized not many can, but I urge you to step away for an evening or a weekend. Just make time to care for yourself. You will not regret it and those around you will appreciate it.
Thanks to taking time to reflect and recharge, I’m thinking 2014 is going to be a great year of positive change for me and Mind The Gap Public Relations.
Sometimes you have to change your stride and path to move forward.

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