2014 GoalsWe are nearly into a week of the New Year already. The rush of the holidays has creased. Everyone is done talking about what they did on their holidays. Your in-box should be down to at least twenty emails by now. And voice-mails cleared from your phone. You can now exhale and refocus your thoughts on the future.
If you haven’t jotted down goals for yourself and/or business, it maybe a time to do so now. I’m for the KISS model, which is Keep It Simple Stupid. Goals don’t have to be complex. And they don’t have to be big ones. They do have to be actionable and attainable. They have to stretch you either mental or physically. Or both. They have to be important to you.
For the first time ever, I am actually going to write my goals down in Notes of my iPhone so they are with me everywhere.¬†Notice I haven’t used the word “resolution.” They always seem to fail. That’s why I prefer to use “goals.” They are something to work towards.
We are immersed in all things digital and it can become overwhelming. I’m planning on following my own advice in my newspaper column on reducing the digital clutter¬†as one of my goals to cut down on the digital clutter in my life.
On that note… let me go write my goals. So what are your goals for 2014?
Remember a goal is part of plan. And plan is verb meaning it changes and moves. You should always be in beta… ever adapting and changing.

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