The Office LabAs I sit down to write Monday Ann-Sense, I’m at a loss for words. And my temporary office mate, Bridget the Lab, is no help. Recently, I’m been writing a lot and, frankly, I think it has been some good stuff. So I guess I need to recharge my writing mind.
To keep restart the flow, I went looking for articles about writer’s block and potential cures. This is what I found:
5 Creative Cures for Writer’s Block
7 Strategies to Outsmart Writer’s Block
27 Whacky Ways to Beat Writer’s Block
I suffered from a bad case of writer’s block when I was writing my book, Social Media Crisis Communications, Preparing for Preventing, and Surviving a Public Relations #Fail last year. What are my cures for writer’s block? I changed my routine, location, beverages, and music. The Key is to find what works for you.
So what works for you?
This will put a smile on your face… Pharrell Williams – Happy. It is a 24-hour music video. Too cool.

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